How To Buy Lightroom Presets

What Are Presets?
Many consider the process of taking photographs to be seemingly effortless. Some think that you simply point and shoot. That is all there is to it, right? While sometimes this may work if you have excellent lighting and the perfect shot, it is not always the case, and creating professional-looking photography is not as easy as people think. It is more than just pointing and clicking. Taking photos requires an eye for design and editing skills that the photographer may not always automatically be keen to. It is usually something that is learned through time and much practice.
It is usually necessary to post edit photographs in order to achieve a certain aesthetic that will both invoke an emotion and draw people to their photos. While there are several programs that can aid in this process, Adobe Lightroom is one of the most widely accepted and used. Lightroom presets are also just as easy to use. Quite admittedly, it can be difficult learning any new software for the first time; however, Lightroom is good because it allows for presets to be exchanged and used when post editing photos. Presets are the effects that can be issued to a photo. Presets can be a change in color, brightness, contrast, etc. While you can come up with your own presets to accommodate your photos with a little practice, there are plenty of resources out there that offer them in order to get you started with post editing.

Why Do They Matter?
Presets can be extremely beneficial to photographers, both amateur and semi-pro alike for various reasons. Not only can they be used to enhance the photos, but they can help provide a consistent feel for photographs that are within a theme.
For instance, wedding photographs are meant to be seen as a collective work. Therefore, they should have a seamless and harmonious feel. If the viewer can identify them as a whole, then the person that took the photos has successfully made their communication to the audience. If not, then the people viewing them may feel like they are just seeing a bunch of random snap shots of different days and different events. It is always good to have visual consistency! With this type of visual enhancement, people can more thoroughly enjoy and understand the photos. Having presets is almost like having a special tool for your photographer “tool box”, so whether you’re an individual just trying to strengthen your scrapbook or a photographer learning how to edit, you can try using presets to your advantage.

Where To Buy Presets
To find these Lightroom presets, one mustn’t look too far. There are several places you can go to find special presets to use for your photography. One website in particular is Dreams and Spark. They have many options, are easy to use, and are fairly inexpensive. There seems to be something for everyone and for every occasion. Once purchased, all you have to do is open up Adobe Lightroom and apply the presets using the preferences folder. For step by step instructions, please see the bulleted list below.

How To Install Presets
Hooray! You have found the presets that seem to be perfect for all the photos you have taken of your family this weekend at the park. Now what? Now, it is time to install them so that you can put them to proper use! It may go without saying, but you should have a computer handy in order to move forward.
• To install your newly purchased presets, first, you must open up Adobe Lightroom.
• Next, navigate to the preferences dialog box by clicking and hovering over edit in the top corner.
• Now, your preferences dialog box should appear. Within this dialog box, you will see several options.
• It is important to note that you should leave apply auto-mix when converting to black and white checked.
• While still in the preferences dialog box, click on the area that says show light room presets folder.
• Double click Lightroom.
• Double click the folder labeled as develop presets.
• Here is where you can now navigate to copy your download into the presets folder.
• You should now be finished and able to use your presets!

How To Use Your Presets
Now that you have finished installing your presets, now it is time to do what you came here to do; use them!
• Open Lightroom.
• Go to File. Click and hover over it.
• Now, select add photos.
• Here you will be prompted to add photos from your computer.
• After you have added the photos that you would like to edit, open the first photo that you would like to star with.
• In the bottom-right corner, select the option that says presets. Here, you should see the presets that you have copied and added.
• Click on the desired preset to view how it affects the photo. Please note that if you do not like the effect, it can be reverted by going to edit and then clicking on undo multiple presets.
• If editing a whole batch of photos, do not worry as this is quite easily achieved!
• Go to edit, then select copy settings. You can now paste the settings onto your other photographs so that they will have the same presets being used. To quickly move to the next photograph, use the right arrow key. Use the left arrow key to go back to the previous image.

In conclusion, presets can help you get a head start on your photo editing process. Moreover, they can show you different ways of how to edit in order to achieve the look and style you want for your photos. While editing is not effortless, having these types of preset options can allow you to quickly deliver great looking photos without having to spend hours figuring out what you want the photos to look like, not to mention figuring out how to use the software to deliver upon these specifications. Even if you do not use them for life in your photography endeavors, they may help you find your eye for design and enable you to post edit with complete confidence!