The Negative Side of Being a Photographer

Like everything else, the means of a subject leaning towards a more negative side is not to discourage individuals from starting a certain career or not. The point is to bring awareness of everything photography as a career can be and, in this case, cannot be. Photography can be a wonderful choice of career, but with today’s constant growth in technology and software or application such as Instagram, Snapchat, Smartphone editing etc., it’s hard to not get negative about photography. Although the focus is negative, it’s important to remember that there are a negative or plural, negatives, to any career. Each career must be treated with respect and that means embracing both the good and the bad but then also finding ways to be positive and overcome it.

Photographer or Freelancer?

Hmm… Good question. Before considering a career in photography, you should know there is no fixed income. This is only if you do not work independently and work for a studio or have a well-reputable career with a lot of fixed clientele. If you’re independent, however, you are more likely to rely on referrals, people you’re acquainted with and ultimately working for yourself.

Being self-employed also has its positive side though. You can make your own hours, choose the sets, choose your team (whether you want one or not), choose the models or in case of landscape and architecture, the relevant location or architecture, etc. If you’re considered in high demand, you could make your one pricing and adjust according to how much you’d like to be paid.


Photography has become more competitive than ever before

By having access to cheap and poor-quality-like cameras and equipment, a lot of people might think that it is easy to become a photographer and just advertise their services. This not only gives photographers a bad rep but also reduces the amount of available work for real, quality-worthy photographer. It’s a big ocean out there.

The part where people rip you off

There has been a lot of problems, especially in recent years, regarding individuals stealing photographers work after it’s been published. This is achieved because of the digital age. Anybody can now take photographers work, edit it out and make it their own. It is one of the worst things that can happen to a photographer.

The pay can be… Not so great.

Once you’re n the industry, you realize just how hard it is to maintain a career in photography. With all the amateurs that enter this field daily, rates get lower and lower and so does the quality of what it means to hire a professional photographer.

Although there are quite a few negative aspects to consider before launching a career in photography, it is important to stay encouraged. If you’re smart about it and you know how to advertise and market your skills and technique, you could just go a long way.